Japanese Mini Trucks with Camo

At Samurai trucks we can custom paint and camo your truck. We use a special rubberized coating in our custom made bedliner spray which works awesome on the exterior of the mini trucks. The spray can be applied to about 1/2 inch thick in the beds and we usually cover the bodies with a 1/4 inch covering. Our rubber coating can be tinted any color with automotive tint and is UV and chemical resistant. So unlike regular bedliner spryas that fade out in 6 months, our coating holds its color and shine for years. Our spray coating is easy to clean off as mud doesn’t stick to it and often just a spray with a garden hose is enough to clean off even the thickest of mud and grime. At Samurai Trucks we carry a full line of Camo Wraps 3M vinyl and are experts at applying it to any surface, whether it’s a utility vehicle, Hummer or bicycle. Check out some of the photos.

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