Wanna go where others can’t?
When  do you use your recreational vehicle the most? Is it at the cottage, for  hunting or fishing, to adventure out in deep snow conditions or simply for  everyday usage? If that is the case we have the ideal track kit for you.
Better  than wheels?
With  our unique track system  on your vehicle (ATV-UTV, MINI TRUCK) it is now possible to truly  get four seasons out of your investment. Ideal on snow and highly effective on  a hard packed terrain the track kit can now get you around like a tank on any  type of terrain. The tracks are the only system on the market with anti-rotation  on the rear spring that allows the rear of the track to swing upwards to climb  on top of any difficult surface. The track frames are designed for less  vibration and a truly comfortable ride. Front and rear track frames pivot in  tandem with a tough, lightweight design for durability designed to easily shed snow,  mud, and vegetation that could accumulate in between drive sprockets and idler  wheels. Our track engineers use wide idler wheels on stable tandem mounts to  provide total mobility over tough terrain and in deep snow or muddy fields with  no loss of carrying or hauling capacity.
A  fast and easy installation?
The  track kits are truly user-friendly. You can even adapt your  tracks to  another vehicle brand or model by simply purchasing just the parts you need to  convert your kit. Samurai Trucks builds adapter kits for most years and makes of Mini Trucks. You  get true four-season capability without compromising winter performance. And,  if you want, once the snow goes you can switch back to wheels in an hour or  less.